Virtual Reality: The New World?

Everyone should know about Virtual Reality by now. It is one of the biggest things in the computer industry of today. There is a lot of hype around it, and its potential. VR is paving the way to the future of computers. The way that we are headed it will be able to be used to train people to do things, and it can also be used to help people. Horror games are the most commonly made game for VR, due to it changing the way horror games work.

Virtual Reality currently has many limitations spanning from room size to screen resolution and weight. They are trying to keep them comfortable to wear and play games for long amounts of time. The VR headsets of today have a wide range of price. The ones made for your phones can be pretty cheap, depending on the materials used. The ones made to be used with your computer are usually over $300. For example there is the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, and the Playstation VR.

They all have their strengths and weaknesses. They immerse you into a game very well. They can be helpful for understanding stories, and they can even be used to virtually traveling to other areas of the world. Some people who use the VR headsets have issues with motion sickness. The way the headsets are designed can cause motion sickness depending on the user. Some people’s heads hurt after a few hours of wearing the headsets. Some headsets have connection issues.

VR is a new experience, it changes a lot about how people think about games, and how to play them. The biggest market for VR currently is the horror world. There is a lot of different choices for things that you can play. It has one of the fastest growing markets in the gaming world. Being that it brings a new experience to the table that hasn’t been possible before. Some people do not understand how people feel, because they have not put one on yet. The only way to truly know what VR is like, is to experience it.

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