Varsity Cheer Showing

Wednesday, September 13, the Collinsville Varsity Cheerleaders performed a preview of their 2017 routine and their brand new uniforms as well. They plan on performing the full routine at some home games and later competition.

The squad, Coached by Alicia Herald, Jessica Jeter, and Niki Vandiver, is already performing at a very high skill level. They are already mastering their routine for the year and are training towards perfection. The routine is impressive. Filled with elaborate stunts, twirls, flips, and jumps, this routine looked as if it were being done by professionals. The team is certainly going to reach new heights with this one.

The team performed twice for the crowd.  The show dazzled the crowd and they know how amazed competition judges will be when they see it.

Although they make the stunts look easy, they can be very dangerous. If not landed just right, one could easily be injured. Layton Draper took a fall at the performance during a difficult jump, and landed on her foot wrong. She came off to the side and is possibly suffering a foot/ankle injury. We wish her a full speedy recovery.

Still, the girls performed flawlessly. CHS students and fans are very excited to witness their success and performances in later competitions.

Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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