Transport Fever: Going from Steam to Electric in 100 Years

Story By: Alex Crowe

    Anyone who has ever heard of Transport Fever knows that it is not an easy game to complete. From the start you are always facing challenges involving money, supply and demand, covering long distances, and constantly needing new vehicles. The game is not an easy one to get started on, it may even take a couple tries at first.

    The game is a constantly moving economy, with changing production and demand. At first you may decide to only try to hold with just passenger vehicles, or with only moving freight. The game requires you to do both to be able to succeed. As you give the towns more freight, the towns grow larger, but it will grow larger very slowly. If you start transporting passengers as well the town will start to grow at a very random, fast expanding rate until there is no room to expand. Causing you to be able to make enough of a profit to keep up with the constantly being released vehicles.


    There is usually at least one vehicle released per year. For example the game uses famous vehicles like the “Flying Scott“, which was a steam train that at the time set two world records, one being when it reached 100 miles per hour, and the other when it ran 422 miles on the longest non-stop run for a steam locomotive at the time. The amount of vehicles in the game is managed well by the vehicles only being available to buy for a certain amount of time. Every vehicle has a lifespan, which when reached the game tells you that you need to replace the vehicle soon because it will stop being profitable, due to maintenance costs constantly going up on the vehicle yearly from that point on. As time goes on, better things become unlocked some examples are airplanes, better train stations and tracks, and higher quality roads. The game is constantly expanding to make sure that you can cover the costs of buying the new stuff so that you can move stuff faster, and more efficiently.

The game takes the economy system into great detail, being that every single thing that you place down, from a train track, to every plane; all have a monthly running cost. The game takes a long time to complete, there is over 150 years of the game, but within 100 years of playing you can go from steam to electric trains, if you start at the correct time in the games start year selection.

The game forces you to constantly pay attention to what is happening, and constantly continue expanding your empire. If you prevent your focus, the game could build one of the towns too big for your systems and you could have an immediate issue with your industry or passenger services being overloaded. Which causes the factories to lose production, leading to the natural resource mines to lose production as well. Which ends up causing those lines to cost you money, and they take a long time to come back up to production. The game has ways of making you lose by just expanding too much. If you simply look away for a moment, your entire game could fall apart.

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