The Missing Push-Up Board

Following the upsetting loss to Oologah, tensions were high with everyone and our student section, The Trap, was no exception.

After the game was over and the 29 point loss was sealed, The Trap’s Twitter began to tweet at a few unnamed Oologah students saying that they “could go hug a porcupine…” and “…you (Oologah students) deserve nothing in life.”

The tweets continued as The Trap began accusing the unnamed students of stealing the push-up board, a board used to do push-ups on after the cardinal football team scores. Oologah did not deny taking the board, but they claimed that they didn’t have a choice, “They left it there, no one was around when it was time to pick up the trash” said Cole Zachariae of Oologah.

The Trap says even though it was left there it was very clear they were coming back, “We were carrying all of our sound equipment to my truck when we went back to get the rest of our stuff the push-up board was gone” says a member of The Trap.

The Collinsville student section was confused about why the Oologah students felt it necessary to take the board after the theme of the game was changed in support of Oologah and many of The Trap kids were asked to stay by The Trap advisor and leadership teacher, Mrs. Sheehan, to pick up trash to lighten the load of the hosting team. Regardless, the beloved push-up board was retrieved and used the next day in the 22kill push-ups challenge and the accusatory tweets were eventually taken down upon personal preference by Trap leaders.

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