The Girl Behind The Cardinal

Carson the Cardinal is at every basketball game and every football game, but have you ever wondered who is really behind the bird head? Well I have your answer.

Avery Hagan is a sophomore here at Collinsville. She came from Dubai, and had lived there for five years. Before that she lived in Bahrain for three years. She came back to Collinsville because her parents wanted to live in a small town. Avery likes to be Carson but when she’s not being our school mascot, she likes to hang out with friends and sleep, she also runs track. Avery chose to be Carson because it seemed like fun. If you see Carson she is probably doing her signature handshake with Jacquelyn right before she goes out on the court to cheer. Avery’s favorite season is definitely football season because it’s a lot cooler.  If you’re hoping to see Avery as Carson next year you’re in luck, she told us that she’s definitely going to continue being Carson.

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