The Bell System Mystery

The School’s Bell System has always been a mystery. Half the time it seems to not work, or be off of its schedule. The bell system was delayed earlier this week by only a few minutes, but it messed with everyone. As we passed through the halls and the bell goes off, it made us wonder if we were late, or if it was just the first bell for dismissal from the last hour.

No one knew the reason behind this chaotic problem. In a short interview, Principal Kiker gave a little insight to the situation. Kiker explained that during the last storm, lightning had struck the building causing a power surge that went to the bell systems computer. The program then missed a few minutes of time while it restarted, enabling the whole system to be delayed.

It seems that the school is acting as quickly as possible in order to put the bell schedule back on track, but the system is very easily out off of its usual course. It only takes a small thing like a power outage to put it off track. They strive for a quick recovery of the bells, but it is tedious work and will take a bit of time and patience until it is once again exact.

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