STUCO Represents CHS at “STUCO Districts”

The Collinsville High School’s student council attended a Oklahoma Association of Student Council’s District 6 workshop last Friday. This workshop was held at Catoosa High School, where they spent the day learning to build leadership skills, playing games, and participating in team-building exercises.

The event consisted of learning leadership skills; which CHS student Kalli Anderson said: “[I] learned that it’s not all about making signs for sporting events, its more about learning to be a good leader and taking that and pushing it forward.”

Students reported they enjoyed participating in a variety of team-building games and activities. According to another CHS student, Sydney Vogel, the students were given a “character trait” and asked to perform a skit. Another activity involved students sitting sideways in chairs and then leaning on each other. When the chairs were removed, the students stayed in place like a chain.

CHS student Megan Giddens also described how the teams went outside and created a human pyramid. Giddens talked about how the pyramid compared to working as a group.

“Like with the pyramid, you have to have a strong base to build upon that,” said Giddens.

The workshop was an opportunity for the students to learn how to make their student council better and learning how to work as a team in the different activities. They also learned that being a good leader involves hard work and showed the importance of making student council more than a class, a pep rally or a spirit section. CHS student Emily Giddens said: “It’s not just about pep rallies and the student section; it’s about helping your community and school become better.”

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