Senior Picture Policy Change

As the year moves forward in full swing, and picture day has come to pass; many seniors find themselves asking the same question: “Why aren’t we allowed to send in our own pictures for the yearbook?”

Ms. Blevins, who advises the yearbook staff, was kind enough to take some time to answer questions on the subject. When asked about the new policy, Ms. Blevins explained that it wasn’t new but simply a return to previous policy. Last year was the first year Collinsville had taken senior submissions for the yearbook and many students did not follow directions when turning in photos; that, along with a desire for a more uniform look, is what led to the return to the former policy.

Ms. Blevins also explained that “…students can still have senior pictures taken and make their senior announcements that show their individuality.” When asked about the future of the yearbook she said the policy will be permanent as long as she is in charge.

It seems the practice of taking yearbook photos outside of school has been stopped short due to necessity, but regardless of where or when the photos are taken, the seniors of Collinsville High School will continue to look fly.


The Collinsville High School Yearbook is produced by students at the high school. Students develop organizational and graphic design skills that are applicable for future careers. Inquires concerning the class or the yearbook publication should be directed to

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