Radio Still On Top?

     Radio has been the king of the airwaves for years, but new technology and easy access to recording equipment means thousands of hours of media content are being uploaded to the internet. How can the old media giant that is radio stay on its throne?

     There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts available to listen to on the internet providing something for everyone. In the podcast form of media you can select what you listen to episode by episode. The same goes for buying music on the internet, with online retailers like iTunes selling individual tracks, it is now easier than ever to make radio style playlists with your own personal twist.

     The fact that everything in modern media is customizable brings up the question “why would people still listen traditional radio stations.” Some students around Collinsville High School shared their opinions on the subject. Tyler Cash believes the variety and random nature of radio is a draw rather than a negative since it exposes you to more content. Abby Stacy and Kasandra Pollard think radio stays competitive by offering a free service allowing people to listen to media without having to use cell phone data. When asked how often he listened to radio Thomas Heiner said “Probably about half the time I’m in my car I listen to radio.The other half I listen to music on my phone.” Cyber security was an issue on the mind of Sabe Reddy “Some people don’t like using phones because they don’t like being hacked and stuff.” He also believes the convenience of radio has kept it popular.

     Regardless of the reason it doesn’t seeM radio is going away anytime soon. It reaches 54% of the nation’s population everyday making it the number 3 most powerful media source in the U.S. according to If radio isn’t quite your style keep your eyes peeled for the new upcoming podcast held by the Cardinal Connection staff.

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