Presidential Inauguration 2017

Two Cardinal Connection staff members, Jordan Beeks and Wil Shupe, weigh in on how they feel the inauguration of Donald Trump went.

Wil Shupe: I jumped on the Trump train several months before the election. After many ups and downs in the campaign trail and election, one journey has finally ended and another has begun. I don’t believe President Trump could have handled the transition of power with more dignity and grace. With a familiar sounding speech that both spoke of a stronger America led by the people and a less corrupt Washington, President Trump assured everybody that what he said on the campaign trail still stands, “Together we will make America great again!”. I was also pleased with the ceremony  surrounding the actual inauguration speech. Between friendly handshakes with former President Obama and the plethora of speakers of various faiths; proclaiming the word of God and Jesus Christ over the new President and the United States, there was a new and hopeful feel despite the rain. Overall, I think the inauguration held great significance and is the dawning of a new era in the United States.


Jordan Beeks: As a person who has always been very against Trump becoming president, I have to say that his inauguration was a smooth as could be expected. Aside from violent protestors and Michelle Obama making awkward faces when receiving a gift from First Lady, Melania Trump, things went pretty well. I enjoyed senator Charles Schumer’s speech which outlined the very real and current issues in America. The factor that stood out most to me was the noticeable dark tone of President Trump’s speech. In comparison to former president Barack Obama’s speech, it seemed that Trump was focused more on industrial issues than the overall fate of America.

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