Podcasts: What are they? Why are we doing them? How are we doing them?

Podcasting is defined as “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.” Podcasts are audio recordings where people usually talk about one or more predefined topics. People usually talk about and expand upon their topics as they go, podcasts can easily get sidetracked if the speaker gets distracted on a topic. They are a good way to learn more about a wide variety of topics, or to get a weekly recorded show that you may want to listen to at some time during the week.

Here at the Cardinal Connection we recently started doing podcasts. Our reasoning behind doing the podcasts instead of just doing videos involves stuff like not having video as a part of it. Due to the podcasts not having video allows the speakers to relax more because they can move and do things as they please without the listeners seeing whatever they were doing. It allows for people to relax more than when they are on video. One of our usual speakers in the podcasts we’ve done so far, Lexi Draper, said it was: “To allow others to hear and comment on the opinions of our journalism class.”

At the Cardinal Connection our way of doing podcasts is pretty simple. We have a small soundboard that allows us to amplify the connection from our omni-directional microphone. It is all connected into one of our laptops which is recording the audio. We then take the audio file and put it into iMovie and render it into a video. Which we then upload that video to youtube, connect it to a post on our website, and publish that post. The simplicity of our podcast system lets us record, render, and upload a podcast quickly and efficiently.

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