Paw-pular Jonesy


Story By: Devyn Lyon

     Collinsville High School has acquired several new students this year, but unlike any other, 8 month old Jonesy will not be worrying about his winter coat this year. The young sevice dog in-training is cared for and instructed by Sarah Baysinger (junior) and Grace Baysinger (freshman).

     The two sisters are involved with a service dog organization, Therapetics. They started their young golden retriever’s training when he was merely 1 month. Training him in simple commands and focusing on his ability to maintain a friendly behavior, Jonesy has become quite the model for a young pup. They brought him to the high school at the start of the 1st semester to begin his training with crowds and his behavior in large amounts of students reaching to pet him. When Jonesy’s training is complete, he will be a companion for a disabled citizen or wounded veteran.

     “He loves to cuddle.” Sarah Baysinger stated. Both sisters love their new trainee. The pup is completely adored by the student body. Students and teachers, together, all reach out to pet and shake paws with Jonesy, as he struts his gold mane down every hall.

     Jonesy loves to make friends with all who pass by. This winter he hopes on giving lots of cuddles to stay warm, and will always love a good belly rub. Jonesy will continue his training throughout the remaining school year, and until then will continue to show his remarkable school spirit and his golden smile.

Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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