October Haunted Houses

If you like haunted houses and scary clowns, then October is your month. Here are some of the Haunted Houses you can go to this month in Tulsa:

Hex House:

Prices: regular tickets are $25.00 and Vip tickets are $35.00

“WARNING!!! The Hex House is Tulsa’s only extreme haunted attraction (not intended for children). The Hex House is an intense multi-element, walk-through haunted attraction themed around a dark chapter in Tulsa’s haunted past. You won’t find any Freddy’s, Jason’s, or movie scenes in The Hex House (nor will you find any cheesy animatronics or goofy props). What you will find is that you’ve been fully submerged in an altered reality that is much darker and less predictable than anything you’ve seen in the movies. As you make your way through the flickering hallways and eerie rooms of The Hex House (assuming you don’t sprint out prematurely), you’ll descend from mere creepiness into a full-on, intense nightmare that you won’t soon forget. The goal of The Hex House isn’t to entertain you, it’s to completely remove you from your comfort zone and make sure you know what sheer terror feels like…. and if we don’t get you this time… rest assured that next time, we will…”

Psycho Path:

Prices: Adult: Dark ride $20.00 shadow box $15.00 Combo $30.00

“Those brave enough to venture onto the Psycho Path will climb into their own Scareage, a custom vehicle designed specifically for Psycho Path. While most outdoor haunts rely on noisy tractors to pull a wagon, the Psycho Path Scareages are so quiet riders will hear leaves rustling or twigs snapping in the darkness. Some of the sounds are man-made, and some are not, but they all combine to enhance the 20 minute journey through the heavily-wooded land filled with movie-like horror scenes to scare you out of your seat. Do you dare?”

The Asylum: 

Prices: regular $20.00 fast pass $35.00

“The most realistic and disturbing haunted attraction in Oklahoma; The Asylum is based on the true dark history of sanitariums and embellished with the horrifying possibility of what human beings are capable of when they take things too far…

NOTE: This is an interactive haunted attraction — you may get blood on you! All blood washes out, but please try to dress practically and don’t wear your Sunday best! Heels are not recommended.”


Descriptions of events from  Tulsa Hex HouseHaunt World, and Oklahoma Asylum.

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