My Fall Break by Jessica Castillo

This Fall Break my family decided to do some activities. We started off with hiking at Red Bud in Tulsa.

Red Bud is a hiking place close to Downtown Tulsa. It has a few caves, a river, and lots of steep areas. My favorite part about it is the view of Downtown from the top of the hill. Even though I didn’t get a picture of that it is an excellent place to go in the Fall.

After that we decided to go out to eat, since we were all craving Mexican food we ended up by 21st and Memorial and ate popusas. Popusas are a thick homemade tortilla filled with rice and beans or melted cheese.

The next day my mom decided to go to Arkansas…to get ice cream. She just wanted to cruise around and stop by places she thought were “beautiful.” We were up from 7 am and didn’t get home until 10 at night. That night my friend invited us to her house because her mom had decided to do a bonfire and make s’mores in her backyard while my friend and I decided to stay in, eat, and watch Netflix.

Although hiking and going to Arkansas this fall break wasn’t what I had in mind I somewhat enjoyed it.

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