The results are in! How CHS feels about upcoming Google Classrooms.

The poll is closed and the votes are in! We asked Collinsville High School students how they feel about transitioning to an online classroom. If you don’t already know, Collinsville has decided to replace the textbooks and paper for Chromebooks. Right now we have only two classrooms that are piloting our transition to a more technology focused environment, but the plan is to have Chromebooks in every classroom by next fall.  We opened polls on both our website and on twitter. Ninety-one students responded with how they feel about the upcoming changes. Results are posted below:

26-I think it’s great! (About time we moved into the 21st Century!)

22- I’m old school. Give me textbooks and worksheets.

15- I’ll believe it when I see it…

19- It’s great, but I’d prefer to bring my own device

6- I think we should use a combination of the new technology, and the older materials.

1- I’m indifferent. (Just give me an education!)

2- Why even come to school? Can’t we do it all online then?

This poll was sponsored by Mission Nutrition in downtown Collinsville.  If you took the poll, you were entered into a drawing to win a free shake or tea.  Congratulations to our three winners: Jeremy Sanders, Kaitlyn Atkinson, and Austin Marler! Be sure to thank Mission Nutrition for sponsoring the poll and go check them out.


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