Lady Cards Volleyball Stomps Oologah


The Collinsville varsity volleyball team took a stand against one of their biggest rivals Tuesday night. The girls were up to face the Oologah Mustangs and planned to make a victorious statement to set the tone for their season. With a successful history to back them and a team stacked with seniors and talented athletes, the Lady Cards attracted a large crowd of fans that were believing in a Collinsville victory.

The girls competed in just 3 rounds against the Mustangs. Oologah held a short lead at first, but it didn’t last long. Once the Cards scored, there was no stopping the points from flooding in. The girls were fierce at stopping the ball at the net. Annie Haught played a major role in blocking every ball the Mustangs sent over, immediately sending it right back to them. The Cardinals quickly gained the lead and continued to extend it at a rapid pace. They took the 1st round as a win, 25-18.

The girls had a strong momentum pushing them into round 2. When Oologah gained possession of the ball, they tried to play tricky corner shots. The strategy by the opposing team called for a need of some major saves from Collinsville. Jacy Rule did just that for the Cardinals. Rule would be seen diving, sliding, and jumping in all direction to save every ball she could and successfully doing so. With Rule’s miraculous saves, Oologah could not get the upper hand. When the Lady Cards were up to serve, there was no stopping them from zooming ahead and winning round 2 with a score of 25-20.

The Lady Cards needed to win just one more round to take the overall victory for the night, but Oologah came back smart and quick in the third round. The Mustangs thought they could gain the upper hand in round 3, seeing some of the Cards tiring down. Little did they know, Collinsville had a bench full of fresh, talented players who jumped in and made major differences throughout the round. The gym was loud with Cardinal fans every time the girls scored. With subs flying in and out, formation shifts, and vicious serves rejected, the Mustangs’ hopes of victory fell in the final round. Ashley Flanagan and Bryn Wilt scored numerous times on the serve to give the Lady Cards a consistent lead over Oologah. The girls won the final round and the overall match against the Mustangs with a score of 25-22.

It seems like a bright season is ahead for this group, and the fan base just keeps growing. The Collinsville Volleyball team is on a roll and seems to be unstoppable after their performance Tuesday night.

Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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