It’s Gonna Be A Lit Parking-Lot!

Story and Photos by Gabe Stevens:

Students at our school have wondered why there has been an ongoing construction in our parking lot. The Cardinal Connection emailed our school principal, Mr. Kiker, to figure out what is being done to our school parking lot. (via email) “The workers in the parking lots are installing light poles. We will also be able to have surveillance cameras on them. The parking lot will be resurfaced during fall break to make a better use of the space and flow of traffic. Mr. Kiker”. You heard it, we are getting light poles.Many students involved in various school functions are leaving the parking lot late into the evening and find it hard to navigate, and now it will be much easier for anyone who is leaving or pulling into the high school at night.

Not only did Mr. Kiker say we will have light poles but, he stated that the parking lot will be resurfaced. The parking lot is in need of better flow of traffic. When the bell rings, it is a long time before everybody leaves campus due to traffic in the parking lot.

Thank you Mr. Kiker for your insight on the subject! With these questions answered, many may diminish their road rage in their parking lot in knowing it will soon be better. The Cardinal Connection staff will be keeping updates on the construction of the school parking lot.

Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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