Homecoming Week!

Story by Gabe Stevens

               This week is homecoming! This means that there will be festivities, dress-up days, and of course, a good football game to watch. There will be no school on Friday. Therefore, this week is a four-day week! The dress-up days for school will be:

Monday: Monday is sports-themed so wear your favorite jersey or sports-team gear!

Tuesday: Tuesday’s theme is “make yourself at home” so wear pajamas!

Wednesday: The theme for Wednesday is “home away from home” so wear tourist-style clothes!

Thursday: The theme for the last day of the short week will be “no place like home” so it will be spirit day!


                In the past, we have had a homecoming parade the day of homecoming. This year, it will be the day before. Also on Thursday, there will be two pep rallies. One will be at the high school and one on Main Street in Collinsville. Then Friday, there is the most important part of homecoming which is the football game. The game will start at 7:00 PM and we hope to see everyone there!

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