Homecoming Queen Q&A

Homecoming is coming soon and everyone’s excited especially the nominees for Queen. Here’s a quick bio of some of the royalty hopefuls.


Sophie Salee: Sophie is a senior class officer and a member of the national honor society. She plays golf and hopes to graduate as valedictorian. On her free time she enjoys playing with her dogs and watching T.V. shows like Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, as well as spend time with her family.


Mallory Vaughan: Mallory is Basketball and Volleyball player who plans on attending the University of Arizona after graduating high school. She hopes to become valedictorian and possibly become a counselor someday.


Maddie Roberts: Maddie is a Volleyball player who enjoys spending time with her family and hanging out with friends. It is a goal of hers to graduate, so she can attend college and become a teacher.


Shelby Braley: Shelby is a Varsity Cheerleader, She’s also an All American Cheerleader, and a Varsity baseball trainer, in her free time she likes to just relax. Her goal is to just have fun for her senior year, after high school she wants to go to either University of Oklahoma or University Of Central Oklahoma, get her undergrad in Pre Med or Biology, Then go to OU medical school and become an anesthesiologist.


Rhianna Hawkins: Rhianna is a Varsity and All American Cheerleader , as well as head mat maid of the wrestling team. She is a teen representative for the breast cancer non profit Susan G. Komen. On her free time she enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with her cats. She looks forward to experiencing senior year and going to OSU. Her plans after high school are to graduate with a philosophy major, attend law school, and score a 179 on her LSAT so she can become a District Attorney.


Gail Young: Gail is a Varsity Softball player, she also plays golf, she’s a Senior class officer and she’s in NHS, She’s the treasure of the student council, and a member of FCA. In her free time she does homework, plays a lot of softball, and hangs out with Josh. For her senior year she hopes to graduate as valedictorian, and then go to NSU to play softball, and then become a dermatologist and make a lot of money.


1)Q: What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated?


Maddie: “Well I wasn’t at school I was at ECC and they called over my classroom that I go in to mentor and they told me over that, so I was actually really shocked”


Gail: “I was excited because, the football players thought of me.”


Shelby: “I was pretty excited because, our grade never did a cheerleader, so I was really excited”.


Rhianna: “Honestly I was surprised, because no cheerleader has ever been picked for our grade.”


Mallory: “I was really excited because I’ve never been in a football homecoming before so it was just really exciting, kind of surprised.”


Sophie: “I was very excited and happy and honored to be nominated.”


2)Q: What is a Job you will never have that you would like to have?


Maddie: “A nurse because I am not good with cuts and people vomiting and stuff but, I would love to be a nurse.”


Shelby: “I wanna be like one of those daredevils”.


Gail: “I would like to be the owner of the Iphone, because they make a lot of money.”


Rhianna: “A lion tamer.”


Mallory: “Probably a singer something,that would be super cool, but I just don’t have the voice.”


Sophie :  “Probably be a model.”


3)Q:If you were a Mythical creature what would it be?


Maddie: “I don’t know,  wasn’t ready for that one.”


Gail: “Something that would fly.”


Mallory: “Probably a giant.”


Rhianna: “A bad mermaid. I can’t swim.”


Shelby: “A panda, because they eat and sleep all day.”


Sophie: “I feel like…a mermaid.”


4)Q: If you got stuck on a tropical island, what two things would you bring with you?


Shelby: “Water and a cellphone that doesn’t ever die.”


Gail: “A lighter and a life time supply of food.”


Maddie: “Clothes and food.”


Rhianna: “My cats and a cell phone.”


Mallory:”Probably my phone and…I don’t know, a generator maybe.”


Sophie: “I’d bring a person so i’m not all alone and then probably one of my dogs.”


5) What is the weirdest compliment you’ve ever been given?


Sophie: “Maybe a day where I look absolutely horrible and someone still says I look good.”


Gail: “I get told I have chicken legs, but I don’t know if that is a compliment or not.”


Shelby: “That I have an Olaf noes.”


Rhianna: “In Broken Arrow, a random lady on a bench said, ‘You sure do have pretty hair’.”


6)Q:What is your first thought when you wake up in the morning?


Shelby: “I’m hungry.”


Gail: “Am I late.”


Maddie: “Ahh do i have to go to school?”


Rhianna: “Why am I up this early”


Mallory: “This Sucks”


Sophie: “What time is it and how much longer can I stay in bed?”


7)Q: If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?


Shelby: “Mila Kunis.”


Maddie: “Carrie Underwood.”


Rhianna: “Jared Leto.”


Mallory: “Kylie Jenner.”


Sophie: “Gigi Hadid.”


8)Q:If you had to have the voice of any male actor, who would you pick?


Shelby: “Channing Tatum.”


Gail: “Justin Bieber, because I would sing to myself.”


Rhianna: “Jared Letto.”


Mallory: “Leonardo DiCaprio.”


Sophie: “Morgan Freeman.”


9)Q: What’s the weirdest thing about about you?


Maddie: “Well most people don’t really know that I’m a ginger because I color my hair. So people think it’s kind of weird that I’m a ginger even though I have blonde highlights in my hair.”


Gail: “I’m very OCD.”


Shelby: “The fact that I can pick myself up by my ribs.”


Rhianna: “I can shake my eyes.”


Mallory: “Probably how tall I am.”


Sophie: “Probably my love for my dogs.”


11)Q: Mountains or the beach?


Maddie: “Beach for sure.”




Shelby: “Beach.”


Rhianna: “The Beach.”


Mallory: “Beach.”


Sophie: “Beach.”


12)Q: What is your favorite and least favorite season?


Maddie: “My favorite is summer, and my least favorite is winter”.


Gail: “Favorite season is Summer to Fall, because its warm, But I don’t like winter as much.”


Shelby: “Fall and Spring.”


Rhianna: “Summers my favorite because it’s hot. Winters my least favorite because it’s cold.”


Mallory: “I hate Spring and I love the Fall.”


Sophie: “Fall is my favorite. Spring is my least favorite.”


13)Q: Describe yourself in 5 words.


Maddie: “Nice, respectful, helpful, responsible, caring.”


Gail: “Smile,Moody,Happy, Emotional, Competitive.”


Shelby: “Loud, tall, annoying, kinda funny, pretty.”


Rhianna: “Bratty, sarcastic, classy, punny, small.”


Mallory: “Tall, brown haired, athletic, smart, funny.”



14)Q: Would you rather be teleported a year in the past or the future?


Maddie: “Past, because I wanna be a kid again.”


Gail: “A year in the future.”


Sophie: “In the past, I like the future to be a surprise.”


Rhianna:”The future, because I’m excited to see what OSU has to offer.”


Mallory: “Future, I don’t wanna live in the past anymore i’ve already done it.”


Shelby: “A year in the past.”



15)Q: Would you rather win an olympic medal or a million dollars?


Maddie: “A million dollars.”


Sophie: “An olympic medal.”


Rhianna: “A million dollars.”


Mallory:”An olympic medal.”


Shelby: “A million dollars duh.”


Gail: “A olympic medal, then sell it for a million dollars.”



16)Q: If you had to pick a new name, what would you choose?


Maddie: “I like my name… but probably Blakely.”


Shelby: I don’t think I would.”


Rhianna: “Sara, because no one can say my name.”


Sophie: “I really like my name.”


Mallory: “I really like my name but, I wish it was spelled Malorie because I just like the way it looks.”


Gail: “Abby.”


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