Historic Building Severely Damaged After Crash

If you want a burger at the famous Silver Dollar Café in Collinsville, you’ll have to wait a while.  At 10:30 this morning, someone crashed into the building causing the roof to collapse.  The support beam that held the roof in the front of the building was knocked out of place, causing more than 1/3 of the roof to come down. Witnesses said that the car clipped the back end of a parked car, swerved over a curb right into the front doors. The car is still inside the building. Luckily, the driver, an elderly man was able to escape the car and building unhurt. The Café is closed on Mondays until 4, so thankfully no one was inside. But for the beautiful downtown of Collinsville, it will be a few months before the crushed bricks and rubble is gone, and even longer before you can enjoy one of their famous hamburgers!

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