Hats and Lights off to the STUCO Pep Rally

The lights went out in the Collinsville High School Event Center today as the student council held their second pep rally this semester.

With little pause, a new hype video, by Paige Bargas, was presented. This video, like its predecessor, received cheers and shouts from the audience. As the video ended, the Collinsville Drumline began their beats, and four groups of white masked individuals poured onto the basketball court. All the while, the lights remained off and blacklights lit the floor.

The student body began to cheer for their alma mater, as the groups took the places around the gym.

It became clear that this would not be a sinister affair but rather a dance battle among several of the school’s organizations. Much to the delight of the crowd, the FFA chapter initiated the battle with a country line dance. This was quickly followed by the cheer team which performed their routine. The TRAP quickly took stage and earned several rounds of applause from the student body. Their success was only rivaled by the football team’s display.

The stick-figured announcer then gave the audience a challenge to applaud for who they believed won the dance battle. After determining that the football team had won over the student body, a short recount of several school groups’ achievements ensued.

“Don’t Stop Believing” closed out the pep rally as the school sang as one, and the lights came on.

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