Get Technical and Sign up for Tech

     With Thanksgiving break and Christmas break coming up fast and the first nine weeks flying by, the counselor is already thinking about next year. The counselor has a Tulsa Tech sign up sheet outside her office, “The sign up sheet is up year round,” said Mrs.Butler, the upperclassmen counselor.

      There are a total of eight Tulsa Tech campuses, but Collinsville only takes students to six of the eight campuses. “Collinsville students can catch busses to the Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Lemley, Peoria, and the Riverside campuses,” according to Mrs. Butler. Each campus has varied activities and classes. The Riverside campus for example has a lot of activities involving electronics and aeronautics.

      However, only upperclassmen students can attend tech. “Grades 11th-12th can go to tech in high school,” said Mrs. Butler. Adults can also go to tech.

      If you want to sign up for tech, you can do so outside the counselor or you can also sign up at Tulsa Tech’s website. Also if you want to you can contact Phyllis Murphy with her email if you have any more questions you can talk to the counselor or contact Phyllis Murphy.

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