Former Collinsville Teacher Gives Big Shoutout For the Cardinals On “Let’s Make A Deal”!

Ronnie Tow, on the far left, was found on let’s Make A Deal! Photo Credit: Cover for video at from CBS Let’s Make A Deal.

Ronnie Tow, a former teacher at Collinsville Middle School, was recently seen on “Let’s Make A Deal” on CBS! Tow, was considered a favorite teacher of all students that he taught 7th grade history to. He spent his first years as a teacher in Collinsville, Oklahoma before moving to California. The incredible and wacky History teacher still stays in contact with many of his former students and coworkers in Collinsville.

Tow, dressed all out in his Celtic attire, was spotted by the shows host and called down to the stage. After coming into the spotlight, he gave a big shout-out to his current school as well as Collinsville saying, “Go Cardinals!” Tow stated in an interview shortly after the show aired, “I would rank it in the top five best days of may life!  My hands were sore the next day from clapping so much!”

The views of the famous teacher skyrocketed all over Collinsville social media between students, teachers, and parents too. Everyone was excited to see their old teacher on CBS. “I was so excited! I had to keep the whole thing secret since Aug. 14th by request of CBS.” He stated.

Tow competed on the nationally televised game-show and came out with a brand new motorcycle. After winning he proceeded to cheer and hug the host, Wayne Bradley, off of his feet (which was edited out in the broadcasting) “I was more excited about Collinsville hearing the shout out than the motorcycle honestly!” Tow Stated. “The best part of it all has been all the love I have gotten via social media and texts from my hometown! I gave Collinsville a shout out out of instinct! I am so proud to be a Cardinal and always will be!”

The full video of Mr. Tow’s time on Let’s Make A Deal can be found on the CBS website with this link:

Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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