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The Collinsville Crimson Cadets have been storming through several competitions with outstanding performance and recognition. The Cadets have been performing their show, entitled “Wild”, in each of these contests. The show includes the soundtracks of popular western films all performed musically by the CHS band. A phenomenal show consisting of beautiful solos, visuals, and intense drumline rhythms. These talented CHS students are put to the test as they compete against bands 5x their size. Though they were smaller, in all these contests, Collinsville was known for their incredible, clean sound that even most of the much larger bands could not produce. Their sound was intense and impressive; they certainly did not sound like a little band.  The Crimson Cadets placed big at the Broken Arrow Invitational, then continued on to Bands of America (B.O.A) in St. Louis, MO, and then Regionals at the Oklahoma Band Association.

In St. Louis, the band competed against marching bands that had up to 500 members. BOA is considered Nationals for marching bands of all sizes, coming from all over the nation. Out of the countless high school bands at this contests, only 14 would be taken to the finals. The Cadets performed late that Friday, Oct. 21. The band was given outstanding remarks by the judges and were even a fan-favorite to many. Looking at the vastness of their competitors, the small band was in no way expecting to pass through Preliminaries. The main goal was to win their class.

Later that evening, the 14 bands entering the Finals were announced, along with all Caption Awards, rankings, and scores. The Cadets did not make the final 14, but, however, they were given countless special honors. The Collinsville Crimson Cadets took 1st place in their class and swept all Caption Awards and were even asked to perform an exhibition performance in the Finals! In The Dome at the America’s Center in St. Louis, the Cadets claimed the Caption Awards best musical performance, best visual performance, best general effect, and an enormous Class Champion trophy.

The Collinsville Crimson Cadets took home some impressive hardware after their performances in Bands of America. With outstanding performances, they were noted as among the best bands there! The Cadets are the Pride of Collinsville and proved their excellence once again at BOA.

Just a short time after, the CHS marching band was back in competition again! At Regionals in the Oklahoma Bands Association, Collinsville was competing in a contest that did not give awards, but gave ratings depended upon their performance. After giving their show to the large audience and judges, they were given the highest ratings possible. The Cadets were given all ones; an all “Superior” scoring!

The outstanding performances and long list of awards concluded the 2017 marching season for the Collinsville Crimson Cadets. See their performance of “Wild” at its upmost perfection at halftime in football games. The annual light show will take place as they perform at half, once again, on Friday Oct. 3rd.

Note From the Editor:

I sincerely apologize for the lateness of this story and for the lack of photos/video. Bands of America did not allow photography or videos and I was unable to attend OBA. The photos posted were courtesy of James Schrag and the Crimson Cadets. Also, I am very shorthanded in staff active members this year. The lateness of stories will be fixed and content towards all aspects of CHS will be covered. Thank you for all your views and comments! They are greatly appreciated by the Connection staff and I.  Be sure to keep checking in as one of our consistent viewers for CHS Journalism!

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