Collinsville vs Tahlequah


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Story By: Devyn Lyon

Collinsville’s varsity football team took the field against the Tahlequah Tigers for their 2nd district game. Both teams with 2 wins and 2 losses hoped to move up in the 5A rankings with this last Friday’s match-up.

The Cardinals captured an early lead. After opening kick-off, Collinsville’s defense set the Tigers deep in their own territory. After causing a fumble, the Cards forced a safety on Tahlequah, giving themselves an early 2point lead.

The Cardinal defense was never on the field long through the course of the game as they continuously shut down Tahlequah’s offense. Several passes were quickly blocked and numerous tackles were made by the defensive-line. Collinsville even forced 3 turnovers; recovering 2 fumbles and an interception caught by Brett Erickson (#11).

Throughout the remaining 1st half, The Cardinals controlled the field. After the safety, Collinsville scored a touchdown on their next possession with a 34yrd pass caught by Erickson (#11). The score was left at 9-0 until the very 1st play of the 2nd quarter, when Hayden West (#33) scored a touchdown for the varsity boys. The Tahlequah Tigers finally scored late in the 2nd Qtr. The Cardinals led the score at 16-7 to the end of the 1st half.

After receiving the ball, at the start of the 2nd half, the varsity boys drove 53yrds in their first offensive drive and scored again. The score was changed to 23-7. The Cardinal defense would see the field more often this half, as the Tigers fought to find a foothold against Collinsville. The boys in red pressured the opposing offense aggressively. They covered passes persistently and gave the Tahlequah QB a thrashing. The Tigers persisted and scored 2 more touchdowns, but missed 1 extra point, causing the score to rest at 23-20.

The night seemed to be controlled by the defenses. Several massive hits shook the field. The brutality of every hit made the 2 teams to look as if they were historic rivals. Brett Erickson (#11) was a big defensive player for the Cardinals. The senior took the night with 9 tackles, 1interception, and even scored a touchdown with his 77 receiving yards. The Big Red defensive line also dominated the night; forcing the 2 fumbles and several sacks deep in Tahlequah’s back-field.

Collinsville’s offense seemed indomitable to the Tigers in both halves. 16 points scored in the 1st half and another 7 in the 2nd. QB Seth Boomer (#12) threw for a total of 149 passing yards, rushed for 7yrds, and threw 3 touchdowns. Hayden West (#33) was proved as a valuable player as he had his name repeatedly announced on both sides of the field. The junior defensive-back and wide-receiver rushed for 34yrds captured 35 receiving yards, had 13 tackles on defense, rushed for an enormous amount of return yards, and even scored for the Cardinals.

The incredulous amount of penalties also seemed to sway the game. There were a total amount of 23 penalties: 8 against Collinsville and 15 against Tahlequah. Four yellow flags were thrown in only one kick-off near the end of the 4th Qtr. After a squib kick, recovered by Levi Draper (#10), 2 unnecessary roughness and 2 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties were called; 2 for both teams.

After the yellow kick-off, the Varsity Cards took one last offensive possession where Malcolm Tillman (#24) repeatedly rushed the ball, quickly draining the clock and constantly getting the 1st down. The clock was finally drained to zero on a run when the final buzzer sounded.

Collinsville ended the night with a nail-biting score of 23-20. The Cardinal’s record now rests at 3wins and 2 losses. The Cards look ahead to their next matchup. They now celebrate “Spirit-Week” as they prepare for their Homecoming this Friday, Oct. 7. Coronation will begin at 6:30 p.m. prior to the 7 p.m. kick off time.

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