Collinsville Threw Down in #SkiatookHateWeek

Skiatook and Collinsville have been competing as rivalry for many years, and each year it gets more intense. This last week, we interviewed several teacher and students in the high school on their opinion about this big rivalry:

What’s your opinion on Skiatook?

Summer Jennings: “I hate Skiatook, and I want to beat them really bad, we deserve it because we are better.”

Levi Draper: “The only thing good about Skiatook is tasty freeze, everything else sucks in that town.”

Seth Boomer: “Its my favorite time of the year, since we are so close together it makes it pretty fun.”

Jackson Wilson: “Skiatook hate week is my favorite holiday of the year, because it just shows how much town pride we have, and how everyone truly comes together and hates Skiatook as a whole.”

Coach Riley: “I think that the people that don’t have a rivalry like this are missing out on something, and we are lucky because got two rivals like that, we got Skiatook-Collinsville and Collinsville-Oologah, nothing better than rivals.”

Why are Collinsville and Skiatook such a big rivalry?

Spencer Oslin: “Because we replaced them with Oologah.”

Levi Draper: “Because we are a lot better than them at pretty much everything, and we have a lot better hair cuts none of us have mullets.”

Brett Erickson: “I think its big because we are so much better than them, and they are a little brother trying to compete with us.”

Cale Crutchfield: “Its because they are getting tired of being dominated and they win one time and they think they are all hot, but really they aren’t at all.”

What do you think the outcome of the game will be?

Cadyn Haddock: “I think we are going to kick their butt.”

Seth Boomer: “100 to nothing.”

Coach Riley: “I think the Cardinals will win… I have faith in our boys, we’ve got the most seniors the most experienced seniors and I think our team should win the game, they have to go play well and they can’t turn the ball over we have to block and tackle, I think we would be the favorite in Vegas.”

Brannon Jordan: “Probably close to 105 to 2 or something.”

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