Collinsville High School goes all out for pep rally!

    During sixth hour Friday, Nov. 3, CHS held a fantastic pep rally in the gym for their football game against the notorious Skiatook Bulldogs. The lights were turned off, and neon lights had full effect! A hype video was shown featuring the players and their recent success. Also, the drum line of the Collinsville Crimson Cadets performed and in neon letters had “2K17 CDL” spelled out on their drums.

   During the pep assembly, the soccer players, the cheerleaders, the Trap, some of the football players, and even teachers had a dance contest! After some grooves from the teachers, and some booty shaking from the Trap, the winners were chosen based on the noise level of the crowd. The three Seniors representing CHS soccer shocked the crowd with a dance routine that looked professional and overall won the whole night!

The whole gym was decorated in neon-glow signs and posters. The pep rally got all students involved and certainly got the school more than excited for Friday’s game!

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