CHS: UnderWaterSquad Dance Group

Collinsville High School has several activities for students to partake in. All of which, are either student or teacher lead. Many CHS students discover talents they have or develop passions for things they do in these activities.

Three Collinsville students have created their very own dance group. They are calling themselves “UnderWaterSquad” and have created their own dance routines along with their own “Trap Remixes”. With their first routine, the group was the crowd favorite in the HWY 20 Bowl Pep Rally. The three dancers amazed the student-teacher crowd and decided to make the group a permanent thing!

Chris Xiong put together the group with Richard Her and Andrew Thao. Xiong, a self-taught dancer, choreographed the routine and created the music as well. The music is a remix from a few popular main-stream songs. Together, the three dancers got with the Cardinal Connection to create a featured dance video.

Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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