Choir Concert

The choir concert was on Tuesday . The concert started with the a duet singing and dancing to All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth. Then the jazz choir performed four different songs. Two of the songs they performed were A Charlie Brown Christmas and Carol of Bells. After the Jazz choir performed Mrs.Taylor announced that the Jazz choir will perform the at the Tulsa Oilers game on Saturday. They will be singing the star-spangled banner at the beginning of the game.

Then they had their middle school 7-8 graders perform. After that Bryant Her sang Michael Buble Cold December NIght. After that they had the high school guys perform and they sounded amazing. Some of the songs they sang were Mary Did Your Know and The Three Carols. Then they had they high school girls come on stage and sing Santa Baby. They even added a few dance moves to the song. They had more songs after Santa Baby and even had more dance moves. After the concert Mrs. Taylor said,”This is probably the most amazing group of kids that I’ve worked with they have great attitude, they’re hard-working, and they have great talent. I’m really proud of them.”

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