Cherokee Language Team Competes in Tahlequah

“Osiyo”, that means hello in Cherokee. Some Collinsville students probably didn’t know that Collinsville had a Cherokee Language Team. This group consists of four members: Faith Melton (snr.), Jordan Carney (snr.), Yonah Trip (soph.), and Emily Downing (soph.). The sponsors are Janice Fields and Julie Reynolds. On Wednesday, Oct. 12th, the Cherokee Language Team went to contest but unfortunately did not place.

Although they did not place in the top three, they did their best. The language bowl team played 2 matches. The 1st match, the team went against Locust Grove; the game was close at first, but Grove was faster to the buzzers than the Cardinals. Collinsville lost to Grove: 400 to 210. Then in the second match, Collinsville lost to Gore High School: 560 to 280. Each question is worth between 10 to 20 points in matches.

After a day competing against other high school teams, they were proud about how they did. The team plans to return next year to the Cherokee Challenge Bowl and are hoping to make a come back. The teams says “wado”  or “thank you!” for the Collinsville community’s support.

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