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Story By: Devyn Lyon

After completing a victorious season, with only one district loss, the No.2 in their district Collinsville Cardinals were placed against the Coweta Tigers, who ranked No.3 in their district, for round-1 of the 5A Football State Playoffs. Although the temperature plummeted, it did not stop the immense crowds from coming to see the battle between two giants. Though Coweta was not a force to underestimate, the Cardinals were not about to let go of their shot at a State Championship this season.

Knowing they were favored to win, the Cards proved this immediately on both sides of the field. The Big-Red defense put up a stone wall against Coweta’s offense, allowing the Cards to quickly extend a massive lead in the 1st half. Collinsville’s defense caused back-breaking tackles, three sacks, and one interception; leaving Coweta to struggle and barely claim five first-downs in the 1st half.

The cards scored right off the back. On their 2nd offensive play, Seth Boomer (#12) launched a 59yrd pass to Levi Draper (#10) for a touchdown. After an immediate interception caught by Hayden West (#33), Boomer threw another touchdown pass to West on the next possession. The Cards held a leading score of 14-0 throughout the rest of the 1st Qtr.

Boomer and West connected  twice more with two more touchdown passes. Coweta did all in their power to shut down Collinsville’s running game, but all while leaving Cardinal receivers wide open. Boomer threw 229 passing yards and four touchdown passes for Collinsville in the 1st half alone. The Tigers, furiously showed their displeasure of the score. Finally, after a confusing kick-off and re-kick, the Tigers scored at the end of the 2nd Qtr. making it 28-7.

At the start of the 3rd quarter, Collinsville scored once more after missing a long field goal. Malcolm Tillman (#24) rushed for a Cardinal touchdown, pushing their score to 35pts. Though the Cards scored, the Tigers fought back with a vengeance. As Collinsville drained the clock with repeated rushes, Coweta scored 3 touchdowns in the 2nd half. Each time, attempting a 2pt conversion, but was stopped every time by Collinsville’s red-zone defense. As much as they fought, the Tigers were stopped short of victory as the Cardinal defense stepped up and shut down Coweta’s offense.

The Big-Red Defense tore up the Tiger offense. Sophomore, Trey Eberle (#14) claimed 9 tackles and 2 sacks. Every hit by the young athlete shocked the crowd, and forced Coweta’s offense away from his side of the field. Defensive lineman, Jacob Harrison (#51) also made nine big tackles, two sacks, and also two blocked passes. Levi Draper (#10) was dominating both sides of the ball. Draper claimed 11 big tackles, three sacks, 59 receiving yards, and one touchdown.

The offense took advantage of every possession given by their defense. Boomer finished the game with 238 passing yards with a 19/13 completion rate, four touchdown passes, and 17 rushing yards. Running-backs Malcolm Tillman (#24) and Dylan Russell (#3) gained most of their yardage in the 2nd half. Russell obtained 37yrds in 14 attempts. Tillman gained 54 rushing yards in 14 attempts, along with one touchdown. Hayden West was another big offensive and defensive player, rushing for 38yrds, receiving 76yrds, three receiving touchdowns, 10 tackles, one blocked pass, and an interception. Brett Erickson (#11) obtained 78 receiving yards, 10 tackles, and three blocked passes.

The Collinsville Cardinals gave the Tigers a thrashing, claiming a winning score of 35-25. Along with Collinsville, three more teams, in the same district, advanced in the playoffs as well. The Cards claim victory in the 1st round of the playoffs and now face ahead to Nov. 17th where they will play at Lawton Macarthur. This seemingly indomitable opponent now stands in the way of Collinsville’s State Championship and are about to learn the punishment, from the boys in red, for doing so.

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Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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