Cardinals Triumph Over Pryor Tigers: 3 Game Win Streak!

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            Collinsville varsity football is on a two-game win streak. At the start of the season, the Cards were having difficulty in finding a healthy QB, leading to several losses early in the season. The varsity team has suffered some major injuries, but now they seem to be on a roll! Putting in a senior as QB who hasn’t played that position in several seasons was a risky move, but so far it has proven to be a very smart and resourceful one. Carson Stout, wearing jersey #2, has led the Cards from 1-4 to a 3-4 record so far, this season.

With Stout in the backfield, the varsity team has two consecutive wins down in the bag. After their victory over Nathan Hale, many players on the Cardinal team predicted to win out the rest of the season. Then after their triumph over Memorial, Stout is remaining as starting QB. This Collinsville team is different from the one who lost those four games. So far, the prediction is becoming more and more true. Stout and the Collinsville Cardinals then suited up, last Friday, to face-off against Pryor, in hopes of continuing the streak and possible comeback.

Thursday night, at the Pryor Tigers field, Collinsville was lacking a band (who were gone at a major competition in St. Louis) and even a student section, but that did not stop the Cardinal crowd from roaring with excitement throughout the game. The fans immediately were jumping to their feet as Hayden West rushed 43 yards for a Cardinal touchdown, the very first play of the night.

The Collinsville offense was very successful throughout the night, despite the controversial officiating. Nearly every big pay for Collinsville was called back due to the same “holding” penalty, and every time, the flag was thrown late, but that didn’t stop Collinsville from being successful. The Cards greatly excelled on the rushing game. Carson Stout kept the ball several times Thursday night, rushing for 175 total yards against Pryor; two of his rushes were both for a touchdown. Hayden West was also picking up massive yard rushes on offense. West had two touchdowns as well and rushed for a total of 188 yards. West would have gained several more yards and even two more touchdowns, but three 40+ yard rushes were called back due to holding. Nevertheless, Collinsville’s offense was unstoppable in the 1st half. The Cards put up 28 points in the first two quarters and held a significant lead going into the 2nd half.

Collinsville’s defense was also a strong force Thursday night. The Pryor offense has had an impressive passing game throughout their season so far, but the Big-Red defense kept them at bay. Collinsville’s defense also struggled with several penalties that Collinsville did not agree with. Coach Jared Sheer stood confident for Collinsville and told the team to “wait and watch” because “the ball never lies.” Shortly after, Hayden West intercepted Pryor’s pass, directed towards the end-zone, and put the Cardinal offense back on the field.

The defense sacked the Tiger QB three times; Brayden Burd and Spencer Oslin were the two defensive players who wrestled him down in the backfield. Pryor’s passing game was continuously shut down. Several passes were well defended, batted down, and intercepted by the Collinsville defensive-backs. Walker Roberts even smacked the ball out of a Pryor receiver’s hands as he caught it in the end-zone, making it incomplete.  

In the 4th quarter, the Tigers were making a bit of a comeback, but Collinsville remained strong. The Cards held Pryor and came home with another win. The final score rested with Collinsville 28 and Pryor 21. The Cardinals are continuing their streak; winning against three teams now. The varsity team is more than ready for their next opponent and are hungry for victory.

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Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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