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Tate Robards (#8) takes the run on a quarterback keeper.
The Cards had more than 8 sacks against the Bruins.
Cardinal Defense was more aggressive than ever before.
The Cardinal goal-line defense was seemingly unstoppable.
The scrimmage involved all players on the team and testing them for their position.
Collinsville showed consistent strength in the passing game.
The varsity team allowed rushing yards against them on defense.
Collinsville’s Offensive line was impenetrable; allowing zero sacks throughout the scrimmage.
The 9th grade team played a dominant game as well, previous to the varsity.

     Friday, August 18th, Collinsville football teams, Jr.high through varsity, competed in a scrimmage against the Bartellsville Bruins. Scrimmage format differs from your normal football game. The teams are given an overall time limit; that limit is then sectioned into much smaller sections for each team to have as many offensive drives as possible. Whether they score repeatedly or have several fumbling turnovers, the ball is again handed back to the offense until they reach their given time limit.

     The freshman team competed  at 6 p.m, prior to the varsity. The 9th grade team had five offensive drives and obtained 9 touchdowns; 3, of which, were defensive touchdowns capitalized off of turnovers.

     On Defense, the most notable parts of the 9th grade was their ability to stop the pass, their fierce defensive line, and the team’s ability to cause turnovers.  One could acutely see the intelligence of the defensive back; leaving no receiver open and no pass untouched. The backs, and linebackers as well, were quick and able to immediately read the offense of the Bruins. Then, when the Bruins tried to run up the middle, the big-red defensive line clogged the middle. The defensive line had countless sacks and tackles for loss and even forced 3 fumbles. The 9th grade defense played a fierce game against the Bruins offense.

     On Offense, the freshman were very reputable on all sides. The 9th grade team was most powerful on the passing game. The team obtained a tremendous amount of receiving yards which inevitably lead to the Cardinals’ overall win in the scrimmage.

                          Varsity Football

    The Varsity game took place shortly after the freshman game. Originally, the Cards planned to scrimmage Bartellsville and then Miami. Due to unknown reasons, Miami was unable to show; so, both coaching staffs decided to scrimmage and then stop for an intermission and then compete in a more district game style. But, throughout both scrimmages, every player in uniform was viciously fighting for a spot. As many assume, preseason is a time for new and younger players to prove themselves on the field and for the coaching staff to test formations, line ups, take notes, and swap players in and out in order to get a better grasp on their team. By the end of the 2nd run through, every player was exhausted; overjoyed, but exhausted from giving everything they got in order to earn more playing time in future games.

     The first scrimmage against the Bruins was a rust shaker for both teams. After the first two drives, each team had obtained a long touchdown. Afterwards, the Cards had gotten the upper hand after forcing turnovers and scoring once again. The scrimmage then showed the Cardinals had the upper hand.

     After the intermission, both teams suited and readied to resume in a more formal way, without kickoffs or punts. immediately The Cardinal varsity team took the lead and consistently held it. Tate Robards, the new starting QB, took the stand and lead the tem throughout their first trial of the year. Robards proved to have strengths on the run, under pressure, and in throwing the ball. The Cards were given momentum and their running game was unstoppable and their receiving yards continued to soar.

The Collinsville defensive was always two steps ahead of the Bruin Offense.

     On the defensive side, the Cardinals were a stone wall. The majority of Bruins passes thrown were intercepted or quickly swatted down. Midway through, the Cards had 2 interception for touchdown. The defensive line was impenetrable for the Bruins and even pushed the opposing offense further and further back with countless sacks and tackles for loss.

     Final scores were not recorded, but it was widely known that Collinsville had won by a longshot. With a new lineup, a ferocious defense, and a new quarterback with a new style; the Cardinal varsity team will not be overlooked, but will be seen as one of the toughest contenders in 5A football. Rivals, throw away the tapes you hold of Collinsville! Collinsville’s biggest adversary’s in football are about to see big-red, Cardinal team unlike anyone has witnessed before.

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