Cardinal Freshman Remain Undefeated!

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The Collinsville Freshman team has been storming through their fall season. The team has performed with athleticism unmatched in their conference. Storming over major opponents, it seems no one can stop the freshmen this season. The next few opponents would be the only possible contenders for Collinsville as they held a 5-0 record. The first of these was the Claremore Zebras, who they faced last Thursday at home.

The Zebras knew they would have to take big chances each down to be able to compete with Collinsville. The visiting team went for it on fourth down every time on their first few drives. The Cardinal defense allowed little success to this gutsy Claremore offense, allowing only one touchdown the first half.

The freshman defense was a powerful force throughout the game. Several big sacks and major tackles for loss were made by Gabe Lyon, Blake Battles, Kaden Jones, and Nate Wilkins. Lyon, Jones, and Zach Morris were all major defensive-linemen. Lyon had three sacks and four tackles for loss and Jones had two sacks and four tackles for loss as well. Together on the D-line, along with other powerful linemen and defensive-ends, the Zebras could not get positive yardage on offense. When they took to their passing game, defensive backs such as Eli Benham and Noah McCarson were there to make the big stop. Benham had seven tackles and two blocked passes. McCarson had an interception later in the fourth quarter.

The freshman offense could not be stopped by the Zebras. This Cardinal team is not often recognized by media because of their age, but any spectator could witness that this Collinsville offense may be the most talented and sophisticated offense in CHS history. The offense is unpredictable. They can make a defense jump off-sides, receivers with quick hands, fast running backs, they are illusive and hard to tackle, a quarterback who can run the ball and throw in any situation, and a powerful offensive-line protecting it all.

Quarterback Caden Buoy was 6-8 on the passing game, reaching a total of 74 yards with a 12.33 yard average. Buoy also was powerful on the rushing game, scoring two rushing touchdowns with 101 total rushing yards.  Also on the rushing game was RB, Hunter Davis, who rushed for 137 total yards against Claremore. Davis did so in 11 attempts with an 11.42 yard average. The freshman RB scored two touchdowns for Collinsville.

Buoy mostly connected with Eli Benham and Nate Wilkins when throwing the ball. Wilkins received 3 passes for a total of 38 yards. Benham caught six passes for a total of 54 yards and one touchdown.

The Collinsville freshmen repeatedly scored throughout both halves, and the defense held Claremore to only one touchdown. After the offense ran the ball to first and goal on the Claremore’s one yard-line, Collinsville took to victory formation to spare the Zebras another touchdown wound. As the fourth quarter ended, the final score gave the Cards the win at 32-6. The home team handed the Zebras their second loss of the season. The freshmen now prepare for their next game at Grove. Grove has also only suffered one loss against the undefeated Skiatook Bulldogs. However, Coach Tom Redding said that the game against Grove would still be a fight. With the freshman Cards on high momentum, they plan on rolling over Grove and then Skiatook.


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Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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