Cardinal Football Season Ends: HWY 20 Bowl Defeat

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The scene was clearly set for the Cardinals this 2017 football season. Collinsville had won out every game since Carson Stout had stepped in as QB. After their victory over Claremore, the Cards had an actual shot at the playoffs. Collinsville had one final game: the renowned Highway 20 Bowl against the notorious Skiatook Bulldogs. The Cardinals needed to either defeat the Bulldogs or lose and have Tahlequah defeat Bishop Kelley. If neither occurred then Collinsville would not make the playoffs, putting an end to their season.

Tensions were high going into the rivalry game. Right out of the gate, both teams were going for the other’s throat. The officials were needed to keep all actions fair and let nothing illegal slide. Skiatook’s offense, who were known to be a fierce challenge, started with the ball, but Collinsville’s defense put the to the test. The Bulldogs were throwing deep passes and quickly regretted it as Walker Roberts snatched the ball out of the air for a Cardinal interception.

Collinsville’s defense continued to be a driving force throughout the game. Skiatook was normally able to roll over their opponents offensively, but the Cardinals were not about to let that happen. Roberts continued to stand out on defense with seven tackles, one interception, and three blocked passes. Brayden Burd was also an outstanding player on defense. Burd had 14 tackles total on defense and two for loss. Lots of competitive Cards on defense held the Bulldogs to only 3 points in the 1st half and a total of 10 all four quarters.

The entire game was very defensive. Collinsville’s offense had trouble getting the upper hand and capitalizing off opportunities given by the defense or even Brayden Burd’s return for 69yrds. Collinsville was found in scoring position, within Skiatook’s 5yrd line, four times Friday night and was sadly unable to come away with the full seven points each time. The Cards were falling behind, despite the defense’s success in holding the opposing offense. The Cards needed to score, but the team felt very prevented by the officiating at times. The home team was finally on the board in the 3rd Qtr. Seth Weiser completed a 28yrd field goal for Collinsville, tying the game at 3-3.

Collinsville’s offense held a lot of momentum throughout the game. Carson Stout was win away from taking is team to the playoffs. The senior QB did everything he possible could. Stout was 100% on completions, completing 11 of 11 passes for a total of 82 yards. Stout even kept the ball a few times and rushed for a total of 52yrds, but that was the most success Collinsville had out of their running game.  The Bulldogs closed a lot of holes and allowed minimal big gains on the ground. The Cards then took to trick plays, allowing Hayden West and Roberts to catch 20yrd completions. The passing game was the most successful it’s been this year, but sadly the star tight-end, standing 6’5”, Grayson Boomer was taken off the field due to possible injury.

The Cards were down 3-10 in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter. Down at their own 22yrd line, Collinsville raced down the field into enemy territory. Stout was 25yrds away from taking his team to overtime and furthering their chance of the playoffs. It came down to 4th and 10, 1:25 left of the game, and no timeouts. Collinsville went with a double-pitch trick play to Walker Roberts. Roberts, rushing 9yrds, dove for the first down with all the hopes for the playoffs. The ball landed on the 15yrd line, Collinsville coaches screaming for a measure, but the ball was immediately turned over to the Skiatook offense without any measuring.

The No. 10 Collinsville Cardinals took the No. 5 Skiatook Bulldogs down to the wire. Skiatook had never been shut out that much offensively by any team yet this season. The Cards played with an intensity that was just a hair away from the playoffs. Tahlequah later lost to Bishop Kelley that night, putting an end to the Cardinal football season. Nevertheless, Collinsville’s season took a major recovery after the start of the year. Stout was able to turn the team around entirely and reestablished the excitement in the season. Collinsville played a most competitive game in the HWY 20 Bowl, as well as the whole season. It was a strong finish for the Cardinal football 2017 season.

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Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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