Cardinal Boys Basketball Claim Victory At Home

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The Collinsville boys varsity basketball team hosted the Pryor Tigers for their first home game of the season. After taking a loss on their first game on the road, the Cards were ready to take victory at their home court.

The Cards started off quick against Pryor, taking shots from all over the court. The boys took the lead early and kept it that way throughout the night. The Tigers attempted to come back as the game carried on, but their offensive game had no hope against Cardinal players like Nathan Serna and Blake Ford. Serna had five blocked shots, and Ford was there for the rebound almost every time.

Collinsville’s offense consistently had the upper-hand. The boys were scoring from inside the paint and outside the arch all night. Austin Marler and Ethan Cole were on fire Saturday night. Marler scored 17 along with several assists, and Cole scored 24. The Cards also had several trips to the free throw line. At the line, 19 points were scored for 73% FT average.

Going into the game, Austin Marler stated “We’ve got the height and the speed.” He elaborated that every rebound could be theirs and they only needed to make shots to take the ‘W’ Saturday night. There was hardly ever a lid on the basket for Collinsville Friday night as their lead over Pryor only extended. The varsity boys won their first home game against the Tigers with a final score of 76-61.

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Devyn Lyon

Collinsville High School Senior, Class of 2018, Cross Country Captain and Cardinal Connection Staff Editor

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