Assassins Creed Movie Review

Assassins Creed came out recently and it was amazing. Starring Michael Fassbender as Cal Lynch, it starts with showing young Cal. Then later in the movie it shows him die in prison, but then to be brought back to life. However the people who brought him back to life want something in return for bring him back from the dead. They want his help to find the apple of eden which has been lost for 500 years. The people who bring him back “sync” him with his past ancestor who had the apple last.

The effects they used when they are sending Cal back to be in his ancestors “shoes” so to speak. They use amazing special effects when they see his ancestors life. It is truly an amazing movie to see. Now I can’t compare the movie to the games because I have never played the games. Even though I have yet to play the games I believe that the Assassins Creed movie is an amazing movie to see.

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