2017 Basketball Homecoming Court

Freshman Attendants and Freshman Escorts: Trevin Hodges and Megan Scyrkels, Dominic Ruff and Fallin Sexton.

Sophomore Attendants and Sophomore Escorts: Drake Rule and Abby Stacy, Grayson Boomer and Emma Schnell, Caleb Schaffer and Jacy Rule, Lincoln Sallee and Elizabeth Aman, Parker Holmes, Makayla Davis, and Sabrina Stehl.

Junior Attendants and Junior Escorts: Gage Gerlach and Mackenzie Scott, Carson Stout and Madison Odell, Austin Marler and Bryn Willt

Senior Attendants and Senior Escorts: Tanner Curtis and Darci Chester, Seth Boomer and Mallory Vaughn, Cooper Fenderson and Brittany Kickapoo, Colton Vickers and Ashton Friend, Dillon Tredway and Kylie Alberty

Cheerleaders: Rhianna Hawkins and Sydney Vogel, Lexi Draper and Layton Draper, Carrington Buoy and Allie Dugger, Summer Jennings and Mackenzie Wiley

Mangers: Kelsie Baker and Tyler Cash, Kylie Enloe, Daniel Rhineheart, and Melody Trost.

Homecoming is February 7, 2017 


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